Frequently Asked Questions

  • SAFTEBOX comes with an advanced UV-C LED light sanitization technology. It effectively kills germs, viruses and other pathogens from devices. It is not possible to use liquid or paper sanitizers over these electronic devices. Using ultraviolet type-C rays of a specific wavelength, ensures 99.99% disinfection.

  • SAFTEBOX is completely safe for cleaning your smartphone and other devices. There are no fluids or chemicals in the sanitizing process that can damage the device, its hardware or software. The UV-C LED rays make it safe and harmless for disinfecting the devices. Following the preset recommendations for the cleaning process in the user guide, the UV-C rays do not affect any of the hardware chips, circuits or other components.

  • SAFTEBOX effectively disinfects your smartphone AND enables wireless charging SIMULTANEOUSLY!

  • SAFTEBOX sanitizes smartphones, earbuds, airpods, ear buds, smartwatches, remotes, keys, eyeglasses and other electronics devices that can fit inside the box. SAFTEBOX’x exclusive UV-C LED light technology protects most of your personal devices.

  • The SAFTEBOX is designed to clean the smartphones up to 6.9”. It’s uniquely designed expansion ring is designed to accommodate almost every mobile phone model including iPhone, Android, Windows, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, and other brands.

  • You can place the smartphone with case directly into your SAFTEBOX. If it cannot fit, simply remove the case and sanitize them separately. SAFTEBOX is designed to accommodate your device with the case. Please check the dimensions before using SAFTEBOX.

  • SAFTEBOX is designed with UV-C LED light that does not affect the functions, features or components of your smartphones or other devices. Follow the instructions of SAFTEBOX manual.